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Thursday was my first real day at Seoul Fashion Week, which is when I quickly learned that putting in a full-time effort being “on” and present there after being “on” and present at my full-time job at school is actually kind of tough. But I put my game face on, put my outfit on, and trudged out into the heavily polluted day to take on Seoul Fashion Week.

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This season of Seoul Fashion Week brought in quite a few surprises: I was approved for a press pass (…what), I’m went to even more shows than I thought I would (…what what), I got a totally look-changing haircut and dye job (both unexpected, so WHAT)…and I got invites to a couple of offshows this season, which I normally don’t go for! Last night, I went to my very first offshow (which was also my first show for Fashion Week), which was presented by BNB12.

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