I’m finally back with the next Seoul Fashion Week recap! Friday, a.k.a. Day Four, was pretty hectic, as I went straight from work to photograph four shows. However, it was totally worth it. It was a little cold that day, so my blue-and-black grunge-inspired outfit was just enough to keep warm (but not too warm). The top sweater piece (from Vince) was originally a dress, but the length was awkward due to my height, so I just cut it. I wish I could wear it more, but it’s way too hot now for that…




Munsoo Kwon

This show was a mixture of Amish realness, and cool and casual cross-country roadtrip wear, and I was totally for it. I’m a total scarf person, of course the scarves in this show were to die for.


87MM Seoul

87MM was a show that quite a few of my fashion-forward friends were anticipating, and I could see why. The collection is clearly for male models, by male models, paying special attention to accentuate the long lines that the gentlemen here possessed.


KYE was one of the shows I was looking forward to during Seoul Fashion Week, and I wasn’t disappointed. The clothes were colorful, bordered on casual, and were a touch flirty (where the women’s pieces were concerned). I especially liked the outfits that involved silver fringe: Irene Kim did her thing in an all-silver crop top and pants, and a pencil skirt of the same making also caught my eye. All in all, it was a good show.


Dohn Hahn

Dohn Hahn was another one of my highly anticipated shows; not only was this my second Seoul Fashion Week in a row being able to attend, but I was also pleasantly surprised to be invited backstage! Star (from 87pages) and I got to meander around where the makeup artists from Hera and the hairstylists from Mise en Scene did their thing. It’s fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes craziness of a fashion show in real life.


The inspiration for the show was “Dear my jeanne,” and the music and films showed gave off an atmosphere that was quite French. The color palette this collection was, on the whole, more neutral than for the Spring 2017 collection, but leave it to Dohn Hahn to still have prints floating around. My favorite looks had to be both of the black suits covered in white cursive scrawl. This was a great way to close out my Friday night…Dohn Hahn did it again!

*Note: I received a complimentary ticket from Dohn Hahn in order to attend the show; however, the pictures and opinions in this post are my own and free from outside influence. 🙂


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