This season of Seoul Fashion Week brought in quite a few surprises: I was approved for a press pass (…what), I’m went to even more shows than I thought I would (…what what), I got a totally look-changing haircut and dye job (both unexpected, so WHAT)…and I got invites to a couple of offshows this season, which I normally don’t go for! Last night, I went to my very first offshow (which was also my first show for Fashion Week), which was presented by BNB12.


The show took place at Samcheonggak, a mountainside resort that is a 7-minute taxi ride from my apartment. As soon as I walked into the garden area where the show was to take place I heard…Disney tunes. And, of course, the runway show had the same whimsy (and featured some of the characters) of classic Disney. Mickey and Donald decorated not only the backdrop used, but also some of the outerwear showcased during the show. All of the pieces were saturated with color, from the tulle skirts to the glittered pants to the tops and to the painted makeup. I was almost overwhelmed by the multitude of textures and colors used…but I really liked it.


During the final runaway walk, elementary school-aged children in cute denim dresses (also featuring classic Disney characters) accompanied the models.


From the atmosphere to the clothes to the cute soft-shoe dance from the designers (which I unfortunately didn’t get a video of), I thoroughly enjoyed my first SFW show of the Fall/Winter season. Stay tuned for my other recaps!

*I received a complimentary invitation to the show; however, the pictures and opinions of this recap are entirely my own and free from outside influence. 🙂


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