On May 25th the Conrad Hotel in Seoul opened its anticipated outdoor bar/restaurant called VVertigo (yes, with two V’s, if you follow the SNS adverts). If you all have read my Lux Staycation entries then you know that I adore this hotel. So for my friend Star’s birthday, we decided to take a trip to VVertigo and see if this newcomer lived up to the hype.


We've finally arrived at newly opened Vertigo at Seoul's #conradhotel ! Happy birthday, @87pages !!

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VVertigo is located on the ninth floor, its entrance halfway hidden by the spa’s reception desk. We arrived around 5:30 which, combined with the threat of rain, was the perfect time to get there, so it was relatively easy to get a table together for seven people.

VVertigo, like the hotel itself, is very spacious and clean (in the decorative sense).

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There’s no gaudiness here: only simple wooden tables, nice canopied sofas (you know, for the it people), and plenty of greenery. It’s a nice oasis in the business-driven Yeouido district.

When we arrived there was a happy hour going on, but I wasn’t feeling the options that were available (local beers for 8,000 won…super dry wines which are not my favorite for 11,000 won) so I just went for one of the regular priced cocktails. I got their Olmeca Tiempo, which arrived in a visually interesting and weird angled glass. I liked the taste of it, but I admit that I liked Star’s Golden Age better with its honey ginger and vodka.



The service was a little cold compared to what I usually encounter at the Conrad, but I just chalked that up to the newness of the place. But — and maybe this is just because the Four Seasons has come correct in every way — VVertigo only has a one-up on the Four Seasons’s bars on the outdoor front…but not with everything else. Considering my soft spot for the Conrad, I hope I get the chance to go back and get proven wrong. Still, we had a pretty good time there!