Hello everyone! Long time, no see!

After being bogged down by sickness and tons of work, I’m finally able to post here for you all, and, boy, is this one a doozy! This post — or these posts…I haven’t quite decided yet — are going to be an undertaking just because I saw and did a good bit!

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about the my wish list of places to stay in South Korea, places I thought were (mostly) pipe dreams, really, due to cost, getting enough vacation time to experience them all, etc. But earlier this month, after putting a good deal of thought into it (and having a decent amount of vacation time), I took a (very expensive) staycation and went to the #1 place on my wish list: the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul!

I’m dividing the review up into multiple entries because I don’t want to make one super-long post…and while I will have the first one up really soon, so stay tuned!

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