So, I will talk about my trip to Tokyo eventually, but in the meantime I figured that make a post with what I have now, so…I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills!

So I arrived in Haneda Airport around 9:45 at night, trudged through the immigration line for 30 minutes, and took the monorail into Hamamatsucho. From there I took a taxi, and was immediately struck by not only how friendly the taxi driver was, but by how great his English was. We had a nice conversation the entire $20 ride to the hotel.

I walked into the lobby where I was immediately greeted by the front desk staff, who checked me in warmly and quickly. My check-in representative even wished me a happy birthday (which would end about 45 minutes later). Then one of the associates helped me to my room, where he proceeded to explain away every nook and cranny.


The room itself is smaller, smaller than what you would find in more luxury hotels in Seoul…but I wasn’t in Seoul. This was Tokyo. My mom warned me that the rooms would be small, and at any rate, it was actually quite spacious overall. I know how seriously the Japanese take the art of bathing, but…all of that bathroom space could have gone to the bedroom.

Who am I kidding? I used, and thoroughly enjoyed that bathtub.

I also got to test the awesome toilet, but not before it scared the crap out of me first.

It scared the crap out of me. #도교 @grandhyatttokyo @hyatt

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The bed itself had a distinctly Asian feel, from the wood used for the frame to its relatively-low position to the ground. I even had buckwheat-filled pillows which, while comfortable, had me sweating my hair out.

I went downstairs for breakfast both mornings. I partook in The French Kitchen’s buffet, which at $35 USD was a better bargain than just getting one of the breakfast sets in the room. I didn’t regret it because the food was delicious. The decor wasn’t too bad either…

The morning I left to return to Seoul, I made time to use the sauna (free for Hyatt Passport Gold members) and to at least take a cursory glance at the pool. The sauna was nice a spacious, with a whirlpool, a dipping pool, both dry and wet saunas, and four enclosed shower stalls.


The pool area was also very tranquil and beautiful, replete with a “foot waterfall” to wash your feet in.

#latergram of the pool at @grandhyatttokyo !! #도교 @grandhyatt #pool

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Me, post-sauna

For such a short amount of time spent in the hotel itself, I really enjoyed myself there. One of the highlights was when one of the check-in staff called around and helped me find a nearby place to eat yakisoba my first night there, well after 11pm and when I shouldn’t have been hungry. The fact that the staff here went the extra mile (i.e. the cleaning staff painstakingly laying all of my makeup, toiletries and glasses on top of towels on the bathroom vanity) meant a lot…but also, the hotel is very expensive, so maybe that’s just par for the course.

Anyway, I had a great time. I hope that the next time I go to Japan I’ll have the opportunity to stay there again!




Note: This was not a comped stay; I stayed here on my own dime and wrote this blog post for pleasure.