Tokyo Fashion Week is officially underway!

I say this with a mixture of excitement and frustration: excitement because in only a few short days I will be in Tokyo to join in on the festivities and to photog my heart out. But I feel frustration because…well, I won’t be there for a few days yet…and that means there are shows I have to miss out on.

I really didn’t think I would get ANY show invites this year: this is my first time registering as a blogger, and I’m a fledgling blogger at that. But so far, I got FOUR invites(!!!)…and I can’t go to any of them because I can’t leave Korea yet. Words cannot express how frustrating that is for me. I just hope I have better chances next season.

That’s something I, unfortunately, cannot control. But there are things that I  can indeed control…and that’s my packing list!

Hmm…what should I take…? #도교 #MBFWT #birthday #생일 #40hours

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The Skincare Guru™ has felt it necessary to point out that I’ll only be in Tokyo for approximately 40 hours, but…whatever! My birthday is on Friday (yay!), and I’ll be spending the weekend doing something that I’ve wanted to do for so long, even though I’m missing out on some awesome stuff still. I even have a to-do list:

  1. Find some yakisoba first thing!
  2. Pictures pictures pictures!
  3. Look damn good even if I gained a little weight back (but it’s my birthday so who cares)
  4. See if I can pull off a fabulous straw set I’m thinking this will be a fail
  5. Find some good skincare products to try

I’ll also get a Lux Vacation post out of this trip, so stay tuned!